Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alliances in the Cloud

The cloud based approach necessitates a partnered approach.It is difficult for a single provider to have the breadth and depth of expertise across all cloud layers (infrastructure / software / functionality) to provide a meaningful service offering.

The 2 teaming agreements in the last couple of days highlights this approach:
Fujitsu + Canon - Provides a cloud based print offering.
Fujitsu + MindTouch - Provides a cloud based scanning solution

The rapid pace at which service providers are partnering to provide best-of-breed offering adds credence to the value that cloud computing provides.

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Damian said...

Hi Faisal!!! Just come accross your blog very interesting..Particular interested to read about the development of cloud apps as we are looking to grow into this space here in the UK as part of the G-Cloud initiative. Catch up soon take care Damian