Thursday, March 27, 2008

Business Process Modeling Diagramming Options

There are various business modeling diagramming options. The choice of the modeling notification depends on the level at which the modeling is being. Each notification model has its benefits and drawbacks.

The Value Added Chain Diagram (VACD) is best suited for level 0 and level 1 diagrams. The Business Process Modeling Notification (BPMN) and the Event Driven Process Chain (EPC) modeling is more suited for level 2 and lower diagrams, which are generally more inclined towards implementation code.

Oracle's BPA suite supports all 3 modeling options. The BPMN and EPC models are both interpreted by the BPA server and can be converted to the BPEL blueprint and eventually to the BPEL process flows.

IDS-Scheer is inherently geared towards EPC modeling, however the newer BPMN standard is recommended if you are using the Oracle BPA suite, especially if the final intent is to create executable BPEL code.

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