Monday, October 13, 2008

Applications Unlimited and Fusion Applications

Nothing new in this, except for a reaffirmation that all ERP application suites will be indefinitely supported. I guess there must still be Oracle customers who need to hear this message every morning, to reaffirm their faith in Oracle and not call 1.800.872.1727.

The strategy for Fusion Applications seems to be more focused towards leveraging the latest in Web 2.0 and BI technologies. The core functionality would be based on an AIA framework. The vision to use end-user friendly products is appealing.

Also it was not surprising to hear that Fusion applications would be available both on premise and in a hosted model. What was surprising was to hear that it would also be available in "any combination" of models. This points to a radically different delivery model for a major ERP suite.

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sameer said...


How will Oracle differentiate its AIA offering from Fusion because earlier Fusion was to have that integration aspect..