Friday, October 23, 2009

The embarrassingly fast Exadata V2

The big announcement in Larry's keynote this year was about Exadata V2. It is fast… and Larry drove the point home by challenging anyone who ran applications on IBM servers to make those applications run half as fast as on the Exadata V2 servers. Brash, in your face and completely Larry-style. The high-level specs are as follows:

  1. 400 GB DRAM (Very Nice)
  2. 5 TB flash cache memory (Awesome)
  3. 336 TB disk space (Nice)
  4. 40 GB InfiniBand network links (Good)
  5. 880 Gbps throughput (Very nice)
  6. 1,000,000 random I/O's / second / rack (Awesome)
  7. 64 cores
  8. 1/6th power consumption of equivalents (Very Compelling, if true)

In layman's terms, with the huge amount of memory most of the database would reside in fast-processing memory. This has significant gains in terms of performance and power consumption. With disk I/O being extremely fast as well, any data that does reside on disk would be rapidly accessible.

Bottom-line – Looks, sounds and smells like an extremely fast machine. Would keep a close eye on which applications and versions within the Oracle Universe start getting certified on it.

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