Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Oracle Support – from service ticket to community based support

Oracle has invested heavily in the MySupport service portal. The vision is to have a community based support mechanism, and use data mining techniques to provide proactive support. With over $1Bn dollars invested by Oracle in the support platform and over 50% of revenue coming from maintenance contracts, this is a big area of focus and innovation for Oracle.

At the highest level the MySupport process works as follows:

  1. Register servers and Oracle products with Oracle MySupport. This provides instant visibility to Oracle regarding your configurations.
  2. Use community based model for researching issues and providing feedback. This includes feedback on patches.
  3. Use the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) to review patches that are applicable to your environment, research dependencies and apply patches.
  4. Oracle would monitor bugs/defects based on information being fed into the system by all customers, detect trends and proactively advise on patches that are relevant to your environment.
The benefit here is that you can leverage the extensive community based framework for issue resolution, and potentially derive benefits from proactive guidance. The downside is that you would need to exclusively embrace this model of support as it would not integrate with a service ticket model that you may already have in place.

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