Thursday, April 3, 2008

AIA and Intellectual Property (IP)

AIA provides Oracle partners the ability to build out extensions to core ERP. This raises the question of ownership of IP. Oracle has built out 3 models for AIA based development with corresponding IP implications:
  1. Co-development: This is an invitation only model wherein Oracle will invite partners who have deep vertical expertise, to co-develop with Oracle. This model helps Oracle leverage the deep vertical expertise provided by a partner. The partner gets exclusive marketing rights to this co-developed functionality as well as the opportunity to build out a skill base in AIA. IP is owned by Oracle
  2. Oracle Certified extensions: A partner would build out functionality based on the Oracle AIA framework. They would go through a certification process with Oracle. A certified offering would be co-marketed with Oracle. Oracle would own the IP and the solution would be eventually supported by Oracle.
  3. Partner/SI owned solution: A partner would build out a solution on an AIA based framework. The solution would be owned and maintained by the partner. Partner owns the IP.

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