Thursday, April 3, 2008

PIP as a starter-kit

The Process Integration Pack's (PIP's) that Oracle currently provides are built on the AIA Foundation Pack and are essentially aimed at building out end-to-end process flows across major Oracle product suites. This is partly a necessity based on Oracle's acquisition strategy. By creating the AIA framework Oracle has created an extensible integration/extension platform that it uses internally to stitch together process flows, and at the same time provide an extension platform for the wider partner community.

The current Oracle supplied PIP's create flows such as quoting in Siebel integrated to ordering in Oracle EBS. These PIP's essentially are a "starter-kit" providing base integration between major product suites. These PIP's will essentially be extended to fill out industry specific needs. The Oracle supplied PIP's provide an Oracle supported jump-start to integrating Oracle suites and providing end-to-end business process flows.

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