Wednesday, April 30, 2008

AIA PIP's and Application compatibility

The AIA Foundation Pack (FP) 2.0.1 was released in mid-March 2008. There have been a number of PIP's that existed prior to this release of AIA FP 2.0.1. There are PIP's based on this release of AIA and of course a large number planned to be released on future releases of AIA.

It is important to note that the PIP's provide generic process integration functionality between major application suites, but these PIP's have specific application version compatibility implications. For example the popular Siebel CRM to Oracle EBS PIP which integrates the Quote to Order process flow was available as part of AIA 1.0. This PIP was certified for EBS 11i.10.2 and Siebel 7.8. The newer version of this PIP (built on FP 2.0.1) will, provide the same functionality but will be compatible with Siebel 8.0 and EBS 12.1. This leaves users of EBS Release 12.0 (12.0.1 through 12.0.4) without AIA certified PIP's for integration with Siebel.

There is a difference between certified and workable. Although, the older versions of the PIP can be retrofitted to work with EBS 12.0, it will not be explicitly certified or supported by Oracle. This does leave gaps in the AIA based PIP's that are certified for specific applications. It would be important to get specifics on the application version that are supported when deciding on the integration framework.


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