Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Old AIA new AIA

The buzz around AIA has ben around since Oracle Open World (OOW) 2007. In fact during OOW 2007 there were about 10 PIP's that were announced. These were primarily built to integrate process flows within Siebel with other main line Oracle products such as Oracle E-Business Suite. However all of these "PIP's" were built using BPEL and had extensive installtion and configuration steps. They did not leverage the AIA Foundation pack which was essentailly still under development.

With the release of the AIA foundation pack in mid-March 2008, the ensuing PIP's are built on the using the true AIA framework. It is important to take this into account when deploying PIP's since the older generation PIP's are more complex to install and maintain.

The newer generation PIP's are extensible by leveraging the existing EBO's and EBS services.

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